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How Affirmations Will Change Your Life


If you have already started your positive journey, it’s likely that you’ll be aware of affirmations and you might already use them to improve your life. If you are new to them, this article will explain what they are and how you can use them to transform your life.


What Are Affirmations?

We all use them in our everyday lives but it’s how we use them that determines their impact. Cast your mind back to a moment where you were annoyed with yourself. Perhaps you dropped something, or forgot to do something… When this happened, how did you react? Did you tell yourself that you were stupid? If you did, then you were affirming that that’s what you were – stupid.

That’s a general example of how affirmations are used quite frequently by many people but what happens if we use negative affirmations repeatedly, and we use them in such a way that has a profoundly negative impact on our lives?

Unfortunately, many people do live everyday telling themselves that they are useless, worthless, ugly – the list goes on… What this actually does is impacts the person in a way that they start becoming these things. Telling yourself that you will never be anything in life is a sure way to stop you achieving great things, because this is what you are affirming.

The universe is simply wonderful – whatever you affirm, you shall receive. But when affirmations are used negatively, they can have disastrous consequences. Once you really start to grasp this, you’ll understand how you can make your life wonderful through the use of positive affirmations.

Using Affirmations to Create the Life You Want

Now consider this, you tell yourself everyday that you love yourself, you tell yourself that you are healthy and you also affirm to yourself that you are constantly improving in your career – what would happen? You would become all of these things and we can say that for sure.

If you actively use positive affirmations, the universe will, without a shadow of a doubt, make it possible for you to be everything that you affirm. It’s no act of voodoo and the theory behind it is quite simple: like attracts like.

The energy we emit, is delivered right back to us. For example, if you begin to truly believe that you are successful in your career, even if you are not right now, you will exude energy that tells people you are professional and are great at what you do – and you will find opportunities coming your way.

How to use Affirmations

If you are currently struggling financially, simply saying in your head each day, “money comes into my life in abundance”, will ensure that your income only increases.

You can also use affirmations for your health. Tell yourself every single day, “I welcome perfect health”, and watch your health improve right before your very eyes.

Relationships are also impacted by affirmations – are you having a hard time in your marriage, or have your friendships been under strain? Tell yourself, “I have loving relationships with everyone in my life”, and you will!

Affirmations can make your life more magical than you ever imagined. But, on the other hand, they can also make your life hell, if you use them in a negative way. And, unfortunately, the bad affirmations will always outweigh the good, because they are used with such angst.

Change your life right now – use positive affirmations and be everything that you have always wanted to be!

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