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VIDEO: Tapping Into Abundance With Brad Yates



EFT Tapping expert Brad Yates, who is known internationally as the author of best-selling children’s book ‘The Wizard’s Wish, and featured specialist in the film ‘The Tapping Solution’, writes our latest guest post. Yates gives an introduction to tapping, and also explains how you can attract abundance into your life using EFT techniques. 

For more insight into tapping, read the following article written by Brad Yates:

Like most folks, you may well be thinking, “Gee, it’d sure be swell to have more money.”

Yet, despite the many opportunities out there (yes… they really are out there – other people are finding them…), you find yourself staying stuck at a certain level of financial abundance. Or, as with many people, you may even be experiencing a reduction of said abundance. You may even be saying, “What is abundance…!?” 

It is true that there are a lot of financial challenges at present. It is also true, as mentioned, that many people are doing fine. And it is likely true that there are things you could do to improve your situation, in spite of the economic challenges.

So… why aren’t you doing them…?

It isn’t because you are lazy. It’s not because you aren’t good enough. Nor is it because the world is out to get you. Because none of those are actually true.

Chances are that you are avoiding taking action – or even allowing yourself to think of actions you could take – because of fear.

Fear that you might fail. Fear that it might be a waste of time. Fear of what other people would say. And, perhaps scariest of all… fear that you might be successful, and would have to make changes in your life (as well as give up your story about there being no opportunity).

Your unconscious mind is programmed to protect you. So a part of you will try to keep you from taking any action that could lead to a potential threat. And while you might rationally argue that your current financial situation seems pretty threatening, the unconscious mind isn’t always rational.

If you have ever tried to succeed at something and the result was painful – either because you failed and were ridiculed, or because you succeeded and were met with disdain from jealous friends, or some other unpleasant consequence – your mind will try to keep you from a repeat performance.

Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to a belief that you are somehow undeserving of a better life. Or that a better life would be wrong. Have you ever been told that rich people are greedy, or that money is the root of all evil? If you tend to believe that’s true, can you see why your internal security forces might lead you away from wealth…?

So you do things that sabotage potential success. You find ways to miss appointments. You conveniently lose important pieces of paper. You spend more time than you should watching television. You look for ways to comfort yourself that move you away from any goals. And you stay in your comfort zone… as uncomfortable as you might consciously say it is.

Self-sabotage is misguided self-love. You really are trying to take care of yourself. Acknowledge yourself for that. Appreciate that part of you that is doing such a good job of protecting you. Then decide that you don’t need that kind of protection anymore. Those limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can achieve are outdated. You’ve been doing the best you could based on your old programming, but you now have the opportunity to do better.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to diffuse these feelings that, well intentioned as they may be, sabotage your success. Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Meridian Tapping) is one of the easiest and most effective. This new technique is being used effectively by a growing number of people to enhance all areas of their lives – including professional and financial success.

EFT is a meridian-based energy therapy developed by Gary Craig from the landmark discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan. Based on the same principles as acupuncture, though using tapping rather than needles, EFT is a simple technique that often provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues (e.g. fear, anger, sadness, worry, cravings, nightmares, physical pain and much more). It can also clear the negative thoughts that block our best performance, freeing us up to improve in any area of life, including academics and sports.

Studies have shown that tapping effectively lowers levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is released into the system when you are confronted with what you perceive to be a threatening situation. If you thought of EFT as nothing more than a quick technique to use when you are experiencing stress, it would make a huge difference in your life.

Take a moment to think of some action you know you could take to improve your financial situation – something simple like balancing your checkbook, or maybe something a little bigger, like starting your own company. What do you feel?

Think about having greater financial wealth… maybe even much greater wealth. What thoughts and feelings come up around that? Yes – the first response might be, “That would be awesome!” But take a moment to dig a little deeper. 

It may take a little more focused attention that most folks are willing to give, but unless you are thinking of actions you are already easily taking or wealth that you are already experiencing, there is probably some stress coming up. The warning signs are starting to kick in to stop you from moving forward.

Tapping away that stress gives you the freedom to take positive action. Another way to put it is that Emotional Freedom Techniques give you the emotional freedom to make better choices. And you can start right now.

While EFT has yielded impressive results in treating physical and psychological issues, not everyone will benefit in the same way. The information presented here is not intended to replace appropriate treatment by a physician or mental health professional. The instructions offered here can provide great benefit in feeling better, but are only a brief introduction to EFT. There have been no documented negative side effects from using EFT, and there should be no problem with you doing the tapping as described here. However, different people require different care, and you must take responsibility for your own well-being. If you have any concerns, please consult a doctor prior to using this technique.

It should also be noted that while many “one minute wonders” occur, it doesn’t always happen this way. More often, some persistence is required to fully obtain the desired outcome. Also, sometimes the effects are permanent and sometimes the relief lasts only for a short period, only to be retriggered by another aspect of the issue. It only takes a few moments to tap again with a refresher round. The technique has been shown over and over to work, but it might take some time.

That being said, let’s learn EFT.

To begin with, identify the troubling emotion, and create what is called a Reminder Phrase – that wording which describes and/or will bring up the emotion. For instance, your Reminder Phrase might be: “Money is the root of all evil” – a common belief that causes a lot of folks to unconsciously limit their financial abundance. We want a phrase that will remind you what the issue is, so that the disturbance in the energy system remains present until it is balanced. Otherwise, it is possible to become distracted from the issue while thinking of which points to tap, and the anxiety may seem to dissipate.

As you make the statement, note how uncomfortable you are about this issue on a scale of zero (not at all) to ten (as upset as possible). This is called a SUDs scale – Subjective Units of Discomfort. It is sometimes difficult to evaluate this, but try to do so, as it will be effective in recognizing that relief is being gained.

We start the technique with the Setup. There is likely to be some reluctance to let go of this issue – remember, there is a reason you have this feeling or belief. This desire on the part of the subconscious mind to hold onto this issue is called psychological reversal – you are reversed about your desire to make this change, and there is actually a reversal in the polarity of your energy flow.

The Setup clears the way for the tapping to work. It is a statement of self-acceptance in spite of the negative emotion or experience you are seeking to remove. Using your Reminder Phrase, it is stated like this: “Even though I’m afraid money is the root of all evil, I choose to accept myself.” You will repeat this three times, and you can also interchange the words accept, forgive and love as you feel appropriate.

It also helps, if you are willing, to state forgiveness and acceptance at the end of the third repetition for “anyone else who may have contributed to this issue.” While repeating the Setup, you will tap with two fingers on the karate chop point on the edge of your hand. The meridians run along both sides of the body, so you can tap with either hand on either side of the body. You will then proceed to tap on the following points while repeating the Reminder Phrase:


Put it together, and you have what we call: 


  1. The Setup: Repeat 3 times this affirmation: “Even though I have this ____ (fear, pain, issue with so-and-so, etc.), I choose to accept (love, forgive) myself.while continuously tapping the Karate Chop point.
  1. The Sequence: Using two fingers, tap between 5 and 10 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase at each point. 

Crown (Cr)

Eyebrow (EB)

Side of Eye (SE)

Under Eye (UE)

Under Nose (UN)

Chin (Ch)

Collar Bone (CB)

Under Arm (UA)

Finish the round by taking a deep breath, then checking in with yourself to see where the level of discomfort is. Remember to rate your discomfort on a scale of 0-10 each time so that you can monitor your progress with each issue. You will most likely feel more relaxed – and it is possible that the negative emotion will be gone. 

With the example of money being the root of all evil, as you clear out emotional discomfort, you will likely realize more and more that this isn’t true. And besides which, that isn’t even the actual quotation – it was “the love of money” – which might be more accurately described as the lust for it.

You can make up Reminder Phrases based on the thoughts and feelings you experienced earlier when thinking of possible actions or increased wealth. For example:

“Even though I’m afraid I’ll fail, I choose to love and accept myself…”

“Even though I don’t deserve wealth, I choose to love and accept myself…”

Perhaps you can recall specific events that contribute to emotional discomfort around money. EFT can be even more effective when targeting specifics, such as:

“Even though my parents had that big fight over money, I choose to love and accept myself…”

“Even though my teacher showed us those pictures of rich people and insisted money corrupted them, I choose to love and accept myself…”

As you tap, you will be reducing the stress, and clearing out the emotional discomfort around these thoughts. It may be very quick, or it may take some persistence, but these old beliefs will start to lose their hold over you. Keep it up, and you may find yourself laughing at these ideas. You will eventually find it impossible to let such ideas hold you back.

There is abundance in this world, and you deserve to experience it. The more you can allow yourself to feel good about that, the more you will see it showing up in your life. And not only will that be good for you, it will benefit countless others as well.

Share your thoughts below!

Brad Yates

Brad is known internationally for his work with EFT, and has presented alongside Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle.  He is the author of the best-selling children’s book ‘The Wizard’s Wish,’ co-author of the best-seller ‘Freedom at Your Fingertips,’ and is a featured expert in the film ‘The Tapping Solution.’

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