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Guest Post: Answering Daisy…


“How did you become the woman you are today”?

Wow, seriously, what a good question.

I really had to think about this one and take a little trip in the past…

Before anything else, I will start by saying that I believe that humans learn through pain and experience, the most. Difficult situations can elevate us to wonderful places if we make efforts and let life do its magic.

We learn in uncomfortable situations simply because we are not meant to stay there. I am a very spiritual person, however I don’t adhere to any religion for one simple reason, they divide us and start wars. But I do believe there is something bigger than me and this “force” wants me to be happy and has plans for me.

As a kid, I was really curious. My parents told me I used to ask  “Why” all the time, yes literally “Why” I would ask a question, get an answer then ask “Why” again, I was never satisfied.

I am an extremely emotional and intellectual woman, I need to understand what I feel and I love to study behaviours and motives. Yet, I am my favourite subject.

First of all, in order to change I had to study my every move, the motives behind my actions, figure out how I ended up in certain situations and work towards becoming the person I wanted to be.

I was in a really bad place before all this “transformation” began, I call it my rebirth.

I had had enough, I didn’t want to stay there anymore, the pain was too intense, I didn’t love who I was, I was disappointed in me… I needed change!

  • I had to accept that I needed to change.
  • It wasn’t easy at all, I had to face my mistakes, I had to go really deep in the past and I realized that there were patterns. There were a lot of tears at this stage, frustration, disappointment. The first step was definitely the longest and the hardest.
  • Now that all my “demons” were out, I asked God for forgiveness, guidance and a chance to improve myself.

After a few conversations with my little sister, she recommended a book; The secret, it’s really popular. It’s a book about The law of attraction which is: You attract circumstances in your life with your thoughts, YOU are responsible for your life, it’s a really good and simple book, it helped a lot, and that was basically my introduction to spirituality.

Then… I read a second book; The seven spiritual laws of success, it’s really short but extremely effective.

The last one I read was: The power of now. These three books literally changed my life!!

At this stage I was applying what I learned in the books in my life on a daily basis, I was making a lot of effort. Time was doing its magic because at this point I did everything I could.

This is when I started to write, expressing my emotions on paper really helped a lot. Instead of venting about my problems to others, I was writing them. I was also sharing my joys, my diary was like my confidant.

Days were passing by and I was feeling good for a change… Lord knows how it feels good to feel good! So it was getting better and better. I knew I was on the right path.

This is when I started saying THANK YOU in my head often, we really have no idea how powerful these words are.

Showing gratitude is the key to have abundance in any area in your life. It’s a pretty simple theory, in my opinion. If you’re not thankful for what you have now, you’ll never get more.

If you focus mainly on how you’ll want things to be you fail to realize how things are now, you are missing out.

I mean I am healthy, I have an amazing family, a great job in the field I am studying, I get along with all my coworkers, I make good money, I am a beautiful, intelligent, strong and independent woman. I am BLESSED; I have no reason to be miserable.

We all go through tough times, it’s part of life. We should actually cherish these moments because they make us stronger.

We all make mistakes, we make bad choices all the time but you are NOT your mistakes, don’t let them define you, learn from them in order to become a better person. They are supposed to guide you towards a better direction, leave it there, ask for forgiveness and move on!!

And IF you are trying to improve after you made bad choices, and you have people around you constantly bringing you down, reminding you how awful your actions or decisions were, please do yourself a favour and get rid of them like yesterday!!! I’m not kidding, you do not need negativity in your life.

This is one thing I did, I had to get rid of the negativity around me. Actually, this process took place by itself. I didn’t have to do much here, no lie. I was so positive that the negativity probably felt out of place, I was probably making it feel uncomfortable!!

So long story short, I changed because I wanted to. When I want something, I ask for it, I have faith that things will work out, I put in work then I get it!! AskBelieveReceive, it works for me all the time.

To me, life is a journey not a final destination, I am enjoying my ride. YES there will be disturbance but I promise you that it never last. We become better people when we get out of dark places.

Be strong, have courage, have faith, things will get better.

If you are going through a hard time right now, cry if you feel like it. Let the pain out then take some time out to focus on YOU and figure things out. Your answers are within you, dig deep and get to know your true self to get YOUR true answers.

You don’t know what is coming next… Think about it, every morning when you open your eyes life is saying,

“You are not done yet, here’s another chance”.

I am curious, I want to know what is coming, I want to see what tomorrow has in store for me.

Everything changed the moment I started loving myself, flaws and all… This is when I became my own bestfriend.




Thank you Kee for sharing your beautiful, inspiring story. Please check Kee’s blog for more inspirational posts and to tell her what you thought of this one.

If you’d like to submit a guest blog post to Soul Analyse, head over here.


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