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Give Up The Story That is Holding You Back



Many of us carry a picture in our mind that defines who we are; it often includes where we have come from and where we are going – you could call it a personal story.

Some people have a positive personal story; they feel good about where they have been and where they are heading. The issue begins however, when the story isn’t quite so good. 

For some people, their personal story might include negative past experiences; it might tell a tale of how they weren’t given the right opportunities and didn’t receive the best start in life. The truth is that these are just excuses that have developed over time and if we allow the past to dictate the future, we create limitations around how we move forward. 

In order to get rid of any limitations holding you back and break free from negative ideas you might have created in your head, you must give up your story and let go of who you used to be. That’s not to say the past should be forgotten, or your happy memories left behind, it just means that you must let go of the idea that your past defines who you are. 

Here are some ideas to help you give up the personal story that is holding you back, and progress no matter who you are or where you are from.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Many people believe behaviour that is said to be self-sabotaging involves drink, drugs or eating issues, but it can be mean lots of other things.

Negative self-talk, for example, can be highly destructive. When we replay the same negative thoughts over and over again not only do we experience suffering, our lives also reflect the negativity taking place in the mind. When positive thoughts are replayed in the mind, they have a positive impact on us; our lives always reflect the nature of our thoughts. 

Swap old stagnant thoughts with words that uplift you and drive you forward. Affirmations are a great tool for transforming self-beliefs and you can begin to see results after just 30 days of using them – try the One-Month Affirmation Challenge

See the Best In Everything

With every circumstance that life presents to us, we are given a choice over how to perceive it and how we react; we can either look at it through the eyes of optimism, or through the eyes of pessimism. 

Being optimistic can help us pull through even the most difficult situations; it allows us to identify opportunities and find ways of improving our situation. Looking for the best in everything is also the key to living in abundance; when we are generally quite negative, we put up walls around how much we can achieve. When we are positive, we find ways to knock down any walls standing in our way. 

It is not possible to be positive all of the time, but in any given situation you can always try looking for the best instead of the worst.

Rely on Yourself

Understanding that we are creators of our own destiny is a crucial step in shaking off the victim mindset that many of us have fallen foul of at one point or another.

When we put our happiness into the hands of someone else or something else – we give up control and let someone/something other than ourselves decide our fate. 

In order to write ourselves a new story, we must become author of that story and become self-reliant. No one else can make things better for you, but you. Only you have the power to initiate change and to push yourself forward, and there’s no time like the present to begin.

Are you ready to give up the story that is holding you back?

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