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Four Reasons to Connect More with Your Soul


Connecting with your soul allows you to discover the true essence of your being – learn about the advantages of tapping into the spiritual side of who you are. 

spiritual awakening

1) Your Soul is Your Truest Self

Much of what happens in our lives takes place in the physical realm, but how much of our time is spent focusing on the non-physical side of ourselves – also known as the soul?

In literal terms, the soul cannot be seen, heard or felt but regardless of this fact, it is the essence of our being; it lies at the very core of who we are. The soul is what makes us unique as humans; it determines our life purpose, our innermost desires and is the truest part of ourselves.  

Your soul is always with you, you can never detach from it entirely but, having said that, it is not uncommon for people to experience a disconnection with their soul.

In today’s world especially it can be increasingly difficult to remain true to our authentic selves when we have constant influences placed in front of us but the external world will always present distractions from our soul, which is why it is ever important to develop a deeper connection with our true self.

2) It’s the Best Bit of You

As humans we are innately positive, it is only through life experiences that we develop negative emotions, thoughts and ideas. 

Connecting with the soul allows us to step back from any negative emotion and regain a sense of ourselves that is infinitely peaceful.

The idea is to strip back to the core part of ourselves where we are connected less with the outside world and more with the inner wisdom that we all possess, which brings out the best in us. When you connect with your soul, positive energy flows through every part of you – from your mind with positive thoughts, to your heart with love and compassion.

When we connect with our soul we are able to become the best possible version of ourselves. What this looks like for each person is entirely different but the best version of you will feel authentic, positive and uplifting, and will enable you to be completely free from outside influence.

3) Your Soul Provides Meaning to Your Life

Lots of people glide through life intent on achieving what is known as the ideal dream – a decent job, an owned home and money to play with at the weekends, but how many of these desires provide actual happiness?

Some of the most successful people in the world are unhappy, not because they are ungrateful with what they have achieved, but because there is so much more to life than material objects and accomplishments.

Without meaning, it doesn’t matter if you are the most successful person alive, you will experience a lack of happiness and a feeling of incompleteness – because ultimately neglecting your purpose means ignoring who you are.

Your soul will help you identify your true purpose; it knows exactly where to go and what to do in order to fulfill your deepest desires. As you work on connecting with your soul, you will begin to grow and develop more meaning in your life.

4) It Sends Intuitive Messages

Your soul allows you to experience the world in a non-physical way by providing intelligent messages to steer you through life, commonly known as ‘intuition’.

Those who ignore their intuition are confined to the limitations of their mind and the opinions of others, therefore in order to stretch the boundaries, it is important to connect with that place within where intuition rises. 

Intuition comes to you, you cannot find it through thoughts, beliefs or opinion, it is only when you tap into the spiritual side of yourself that the answers and revelations will come to you. The more you tap into this instinctive part of yourself, the stronger it will become.

You might also like to read Four Tips for Reconnecting With Your Soul, which provides some ideas for developing a deeper connection with your higher self. 

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