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Everything You Need to Know About Toe Rings


Toe rings are making a comeback. They disappeared off the scene for a while after spending the 90s adorning celebrities’ toes (although Jenifer Aniston never broke up with hers).

But just in time for the summer of ‘22, toe rings are to once again have their moment in the sun. At Soul Analyse, we have a selection of affirmation toe rings that will not only prettify your feet, but will remind you of your inner strength when you’re feeling – and looking – down. 

Our affirmation toe rings are simple, delicate and powerful. Each features a different word of affirmation so that you remember just how loved, worthy and strong you truly are. 

Where did toe rings originate?

Although they might seem like a novel, Western jewellery phenomenon, toe rings actually date back to 4th century India. 

Toe rings today are still a traditional, decorative accessory worn by Hindi women to denote marital status. Married women wear matching silver rings – gold jewellery, in the Hindu religion, is reserved for above the waist – on the second toe of each foot. 

Like other symbolic jewellery with ancient origins, the toe rings of the Indian subcontinent are also worn as charms to ward off evil. 

How to wear toe rings

The most important piece of advice when it comes to toe rings is: keep it simple. 

Thin, simple, unfussy bands on the toes look chicer than anything too decorative. More than that, they’re less likely to irritate. 

Comfort needs to be considered more with toe rings than it does with finger rings. You need to still be able to walk comfortably, so the smaller and simpler the better. 

Don’t be fooled into buying that jagged-edged, square-shaped toe ring because it looks beautifully unique; it’ll likely make your day miserable!

Luckily, our gorgeous toe ring collection keeps things pretty, uncomplicated and comfortable on your tootsies. Our rings are hypoallergenic (made using nickel-free stainless steel) and adjustable. They can be fitted on any toe, so you don’t have to follow the Indian bride’s rule if you don’t want to. 

This is especially helpful since toes can be sensitive (not to mention the fact that many are squeamish about feets/toes), so a hypoallergenic, adjustable toe ring will work with and not against you.

Where should you position your toe ring?

Because toes are more sensitive than fingers, finding the best position for your toe ring is important. 

The most comfortable point is usually between the toe pad and the toe knuckle. Here, the ring is less likely to touch the ground or rub against your shoe.

In terms of tightness, you want to make sure the ring needs to be pushed (gently) to slide on but that it can still turn on your toe once on. 

Do you get used to toe rings?

For those who love the idea of foot jewellery but aren’t so hot on feet, you might be wondering whether you’ll get used to having something constantly touching them.

You will. As with any garment or piece of jewellery, in time, you’ll likely wear it in. 

If you’ve never worn a toe ring before then it might be an odd sensation to begin with, but after a day of wearing one you won’t notice it’s there – so long as you’ve positioned it correctly and it’s the right size (see above point).

Can you wear a toe ring in closed shoes?

Toe rings are made to be worn in open shoes like sandals – mainly to show them off. But provided the ring is properly fitted you can wear your toe ring with any footwear. 

Can you wear a toe ring in the swimming pool?

Our toe rings are made from durable stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t tend to tarnish, but we recommend always erring on the side of caution and removing your toe ring before swimming in pools with chlorine. As a chemical, chlorine can have various effects on different metals. Plus, you don’t want to lose it to the bottom of the pool.

Can you wear a toe ring under tights?

We don’t recommend wearing a toe ring under tights because of the risk of snagging. Even if your toe ring is small and smooth, there’s still a chance it could catch on the thin fabric of tights. 

Also, as tights stretch over, and compress your feet, they’re likely to aggravate a toe ring.

Most importantly, jewellery is made to be seen and admired – so dust off those summer sandals and show your toe rings off to the world!

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