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Guest Post

Eight Steps to Becoming Fearless



Alexandra Harra, life coach and best-selling author, explains how to become fearless.

fearlessConfucius once asked, “If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?” Inevitably, every person experiences fear. We’re all afraid of something: job loss, betrayal, breakup, illness, and so on. We’ve even begun to fear ourselves and each other. But our fears are sometimes unwarranted and oftentimes irrational. What’s worse, what most scares us always manifests.

Fear stands like a wall between you and the joyful life you were meant to live. It’s the gateway to self-sabotage because as long as it’s present, you can’t embody your true power. Isn’t it time that you stop letting your fears keep you down and stagnant? Once you shed your fears, you will meet the greatest version of yourself. With only a small amount of effort each day, you can take steps that will result in a fear-free life in time. Practice these eight easy actions that spell out “fearless” to banish fear from your everyday life:

1. Face the Truth

Reality reflects what the mind projects. Your mentality has to change before your future can change, and this requires facing the truth of your life. Confront your trepidations and wipe out your worries. Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary fears: chances are that many of your fears are unjustified in the greater scheme of your life. One way to do this is to rearrange your thoughts. Just as you periodically clean out your closet, so too must you clear your mental space of old ideas that compel fear. Make a list of your recurring thoughts. Dispose of the destructive thoughts and multiply positive intentions. The negative things you dread will happen do not need to happen.

2. Erase Negative Imprints

In large part, your fears stem from past experiences that were painful: your fear of divorce may have originated during your own parents’ divorce. What you must remind yourself each day is that your past is in your past and has no bearing on your present or future. Whatever happened long ago that still drives fear today must be processed and its mental imprints removed.

3. Allow Change

People are often afraid of change. They fear that change will somehow disrupt their lives or uproot them from their comfort zone. But change actually evolves us into better and happier beings. Allow natural changes to come your way, even if they seem frightening at first. Every shift serves a purpose towards your highest good, and you will learn this in time. In truth, your potential is endless and no amount of opposition can dim your brilliance. The changes you’re undergoing may actually deliver your infinite potential into reality. You should never be afraid of changes that inspire you to become all that you’re meant to be. 

4. Relax 

I’ve seen a spike in anxiety in my generation and find that it is spurred by personal fears. Fear can be brought on by too much stress or overwhelming pressure: a stressful life with too many responsibilities results in a fear of failure. It’s essential that you take time out for yourself to relax, pamper yourself, and alleviate your anxieties. So calm down, take a breather, and remind yourself that you have the capacity to resolve anything. After all, haven’t you made it through every hardship up to now? 

5. Let God In

It doesn’t matter in whom or what you believe—all that matters is that you believe in something beyond our physical world. God (or Spirit, or the universe, etc.) will eradicate your fears and calm your concerns, if only you allow its almighty power into your life. You can’t conquer every challenge on your own and you weren’t meant to; God is there to help. Invite the divine to usher you out of your problems through daily prayers, empowering affirmations, and guided meditations to bond with the universal force flowing through us all.

6. End Feuds 

When you fight with others, you draw fear into your relationships—fear that the people you love will hurt or abandon you. You need to make peace with everyone around you in order to uphold fearlessness, and this includes resolving discrepancies within yourself. Work, too, on your self-esteem; fear arises from not believing in your own abilities and talents. When you constantly live in the mindset of “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough,” you narrow your window of success. Stop the cycle of self-blame and accept yourself once and for all.

7. Strengthen Your Intuition

Your intuition is like a built-in GPS for making life decisions. Tapping into your intuition eliminates your fears because it lends you confidence in your choices. Like a looking glass for your future, you can use your intuition to pick up on what’s to come and feel less apprehensive and more prepared for what awaits. Intuition and courage work hand in hand.

8. Select Only the Best

You must learn to be selective about what you want out of life and what you elect to pursue. You deserve to go after only the best: people and situations that heighten your awareness, increase your joy, and introduce good energy into your life. Make yourself your priority and honor your birthrights of abundance, worthiness, and self-love by seeking elements that enrich your life.

Opportunities are all around you, and it becomes up to you to push them away or welcome them. Once you become the fearless person you were born to be, you’ll notice more and more pleasant surprises coming to you! What you once thought was unattainable, you will reach with ease. Adopt these eight easy actions into your daily life to live freely, boldly, and fearlessly.

To your fearless self,

Alexandra Harra

Alexandra Harra

Alexandra Harra is a certified life coach, best-selling author and professional writer. Her first book, The Karma Queens' Guide to Relationships, was published by Penguin Books last May.

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