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How You Can Connect More Deeply With Fellow Human Beings


We quite often point out on this site that we are each unique individuals with unique journeys, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that we are also very much connected.

It is hard to put into words how we as humans connect because there are no words that embody the true meaning, or with the right level of depth to explain it accurately. But when we connect with each other on a more meaningful level, the similarities (instead of disparities) between us are highlighted, and this creates a tremendous storm of energy.

After all, we are all experiencing this thing called life together, side-by-side, and the more we experience peace and harmony with one another, the more enjoyable our journey is.

Here are some ways you can connect more meaningfully with others.

Compassion is Key

Compassion allows us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, hypothetically speaking, and glean insight into how they are feeling and what they are experiencing; it is the highest form of mutual understanding.

It’s easy to cast judgement on someone if we lack compassion, simply because we don’t understand a situation from their point of view. When we feel the pain of what another person is going through, we awaken to their struggles, and naturally want to help them in any way we can.

The opposite of judgment, compassion eradicates anger, upset and blame, and makes us more-loving and less-hostile as people. It also makes us gentler and creates a bond of understanding.

You can be more compassionate by choosing not to judge others, even if you don’t necessarily agree with their decisions.

Kindness is Sweet

Kindness is an inner desire as humans to offer ourselves thoughtfully to one another. The very nature of it is selflessness and the ability to act upon compassion, because kindness is merely a reaction to compassion.

The soul needs kindness – to be given and received – in order to thrive. Take your mind back to a moment when someone, maybe a stranger, surprised you with their generous kindness – we’ve all experienced this at one time or another, even if it was as simple as someone holding a door open, or as selfless as someone pulling over to help a stranded driver on the road.

Kindness in any form is meaningful, for both the receiver and giver; when we give kindness we feed our soul with a need to help others. And when we receive it, it gives us warmth in our heart and assurance in us as people.

Always be on the look out to serve others in any way you can, even strangers. There is something astoundingly beautiful in us as humans that allows us to feel compassion for a stranger, someone we have never met before, which can prompt a random act of kindness. It is this very act that affirms our soul-to-soul connection.

Be willing to accept and offer kindness at any moment; just take a look around you, there are plenty of people who would benefit from and cherish your kindness, whether you know them or otherwise. Grasp any opportunity to be kind, you will be serving your soul at the same time.

Humility is Beautifully-Real

As humans, we tend to put up barriers around how much of our inner being we let others, and ourselves, see. We create a hardened image of who we are, and this is how we present ourselves to the world.

When we drop our guard, and let someone see our more vulnerable side, we give that person a peak into the essence of our soul. It is when we are stripped back from ego and from false pretense that our truest self is revealed.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are one of the places where humility exists greatly. In order for a recovering addict to gain and maintain sobriety, they must cast their ego aside and offer their most genuine and vulnerable self to a room full of people.

Humility leads an addict to admit and explore their weaknesses, which results in a sober and clean life, and it works in the same way for everyone else too. When we admit to our flaws and imperfections, we are able to present a truer version of who we are to ourselves and others, which leads to a greater sense of inner understanding and peace.

In a lot of ways, recovering addicts are more spiritually advanced than those who are not in recovery because they have put in time and willingness to discover their true self, and work on taking down the barriers that they once put up. This allows them to provide insight to others about who they truly are, which paves the way for stronger connections.

You too can gain a better sense of understanding and create a stronger bond with yourself and others by exploring more about your inner being. Our very aim here at Soul Analyse is to help you discover your soul, the reason being that we profoundly believe that being your true self is the key to living a more fulfilled and content life.

Has this post inspired you to change the way you currently connect with others? Let us know below!

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