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Bereavement and Affirmation Jewellery: How Jewellery Can Help in Times of Loss


Bereavement and grief in any form is perhaps the hardest thing for anyone to experience. In the aftermath of a bereavement, we desperately search for external sources of comfort, whether from another person, an animal or an object. Though it often feels like nothing can help, there are sometimes small comforts to be found here and there. And while they may be small, anything that gives us strength to continue on is worthwhile.

Affirmation jewellery cannot be an antidote to grief, but it can offer comfort during a time of acute pain. 

Historical forms of bereavement and affirmation jewellery

Wearing jewellery to help heal pain or help empower is nothing new. The Victorians might not have had affirmation jewellery as such but they did wear jewellery to commemorate those they lost. 

Bejewelled crosses; photographs in pendants; and even necklaces made from the woven hair of lost loved ones were all common throughout the period. 

Going further back, prehistoric man wore a version of affirmation jewellery. Adornments were worn for protection or to signify status. 

Spiritual jewellery still exists today in the form of birth stone pendants, hair lockets and even bracelets containing ashes.

Why buy affirmation jewellery for grief?

Affirmation jewellery has the power to make you feel stronger in the face of adversity.

But additionally, whether it’s via inscriptions or symbolism, wearing jewellery that in some way reminds us of a lost loved one can keep us feeling connected to them. A beautiful necklace, ring or bracelet bought and worn specifically in their memory is also like a small act of reverence. 

Matching jewellery worn in tandem with someone else shows solidarity. It’s a symbolic act that can nurture relations between grieving friends and family at a time when relationships can be fractious. 

Ultimately affirmation jewellery can bring invaluable comfort and peace when we are struggling to comfort and calm ourselves.

Gifting affirmation jewellery to someone coping with grief can be touching and thoughtful.

Which affirmation jewellery can help with grief?

At their core, affirmations give hope. In our darkest times, particularly in the throes of grief, being reminded that hope exists is paramount. 

We believe our affirmation jewellery has the power to make you feel steadier when everything feels upside down. Here are some of our pieces that can help with grief:

Serenity Prayer Necklace

You don’t have to be religious to find solace in Niebuhr’s poignant prayer. Our serenity prayer necklaces are inscribed on one side with the words ‘One Day at a Time’ on one side and the serenity prayer on the other. His powerful words ask God for serenity and courage and the necklace comes in either silver or gold.

Angel Coin Necklace

A figure synonymous with the afterlife is the angel. Though the concept of angels is rooted in Christian religion, these days they are perceived more broadly symbols of peace, protection and love. The practice of wearing angelic imagery in jewellery for protection is long running; embrace it with our angel coin necklace.

I Am Loved Ring

Our I Am Loved ring serves as a reminder of the love of friends and family but also that the love of a lost loved one continues on. Wearing such a reminder on your finger – within your eye line – might help you find daily consolation and comfort as you navigate grief. 

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