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Being Happy Isn't a Privilege, it's a Right


You deserve to feel good each and every day. And, while it might not seem it right now, it is possible.

Are you unhappy on a day-to-day basis? Do you feel like it’s normal to feel unhappy most of the time, because sometimes you have ‘good’ days? Or, perhaps you know it’s not ok to feel down regularly but you don’t know how to change things?

Let’s start at the core of the problem – why are you unhappy? Get a piece of paper, right now, and write down a list of bullet points of all the things that make you feel sad. Is it your job, your family, your relationship? Start each bullet point with “I feel unhappy because…”

What is the common denominator in your list? What is the one thing that crops up in each and every point?

If it isn’t screaming out at you yet, let us help: IT’S YOU!

You could try getting a new job, a new partner and separating yourself from your family but this is not going to solve anything because the real reason you are unhappy, is because you are not happy with yourself. What this means is you have full control to make things better.

Here are some SA tips that will undoubtedly make you a happier person.

Set boundaries

If you do not have sufficient boundaries in place, it’s inevitable that you will feel unhappy often and this is because you will forever be doing things that you don’t want to do. An example is, someone who never says “no”, even if saying yes causes them great anguish.

If you are always moaning about doing too much for other people, or that people take advantage of you, it’s 100% certain that you have not set out the right boundaries for yourself. It’s not the fault of the people who are asking too much of you. Give and people will take. It’s up to you to decide how much of your time and energy goes into anything.

So, stop feeling angry with everyone around you and put those boundaries in place. It’s ok to say no and if you’d like more tips on how to say no, take a look at this article: The Gentle Art of Saying No.

Be kind to your mind, body and soul

To be truly happy within yourself, it is imperative that you look after yourself with a nurturing approach. This doesn’t just mean exercising and drinking water, which, by the way, are great ways to help you feel good. It also means taking care of your mind and playing an active role in how you think.

Sounds kinda silly right? Is your first thought, how can I take care of my mind when we are one of the same? Actually, the truth is, if you see yourself and your thoughts as two separate entities, it’s much healthier as it gives you the chance to change the negative thoughts you encounter everyday.

It can’t be emphasised enough, that transforming your thoughts from negative to positive, can have an astounding impact on your everyday life. Ever get the feeling you’ve got the world on your shoulders? It’s all because of your thoughts. If you refuse to let negative thoughts enter your mind, there is no way that you can feel unhappy. Honestly, it’s that easy.

Check out this post, How affirmations will change your life, to find out how to stop those negative thoughts.

Make a conscious effort to be kind to others

Once you have boundaries set in place, it’s easier for you to offer kindness to other people, without feeling like it depletes you. There’s a brilliant article on Oprah Winfrey’s site: 35 Little Acts of Kindness, which offers suggestions on how you can do good deeds everyday, which, in turn, makes you feel great!

Studies have revealed that kindness can make you feel less-anxious and more happy and, besides, whatever you give out will come back to you – give and you shall receive.

Everyone has the opportunity to lead a happy life, no matter what their background or past – and these fundamental tips will help you to become a happier and kinder person, and someone who enjoys life!


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