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Be Yourself Because Who You Are Is Beautiful!


If you aren’t happy with who you are and how things are, you need to be reminded of these five things.

The time has come to look within, to find out who you are and to live in a way that satisfies your true self.

1) The Fake Identity Doesn’t Suit You

Do you believe that who you are isn’t good enough?

It’s okay, the majority of people don’t think they are good enough, but it’s not true – you are more than good enough – you are uniquely perfect in your own right! The problem comes from failing to see your own worth, which leads to a false identity being created that represents who you want to be.

Nothing good can come of this false identity because it pushes you further away from your true self and pushes you towards people who aren’t really compatible with who you are.

You can only prosper at being yourself because the real you is authentic, and will attract the right people and relationships, and will lead you down the paths meant for you.

It’s time to stop trying to be that person you have created a picture of in your mind. That’s not you, and it’s tiring trying to keep up with that image. It’s time to embrace your true identity and start appreciating who you are!

2) You Are More Than Just Your Appearance

For many people, self-criticism is a huge issue, and it’s no wonder why! Society’s expectations of what it means to live an ideal life, just keep getting higher; we are expected to be thinner, richer, have better jobs, wear the right clothes, have nice skin and hair, and the list only grows.

It can be difficult to see beyond these expectations when they are more apparent than ever, but if you attempt to live up to them, you will always experience a sense of disappointment; there is always someone who can outshine you.

You must remember that your appearance and everything on the exterior of your life is a tiny, tiny part of what makes you who you are. You are so much more than just your looks and your material possessions!

3) Who You Are Is Beautiful

The most unfortunate part about trying to be something that you are not is that your true self gets left behind. The real you is beautiful, kind, compassionate and many other desirable things, but your eagerness to live up to society’s expectations means that you don’t get to see those great qualities.

All you see is someone who doesn’t quite meet the grade. All you see are flaws and improvements that need to be made. If only you could get a peek into who you really are, you’d realise that you don’t need to be like others and you don’t need to live up to expectations because who you are is far greater than anything artificial.

You have meaning; you are a kindred soul, you are one of the Universe’s creations, your life is worth living and you are worth life. Who you are is beautiful!

4) You Are Worth Discovering

Self-discovery is a journey within that can provide you with the right knowledge, wisdom and power to live your life purposefully. It’s not until you get to know yourself that you are able to fulfil your own needs and desires, because until that point, you don’t know what they are.

You must look within and become aware of yourself; aware of what’s important to you, what’s not, and what needs more of your attention. Once you have these answers, you can then choose to live in accordance with them.

Discovering oneself also involves paying attention to what’s happening in the mind; begin to observe your thoughts – you can find out how to do this here. What you might find is a head filled with negativity. You may pick up on thoughts of self-sabotage, jealousy, anger, rage, fear and worry.

You might be totally unaware of the impact this is having on your life; thoughts that create such negative emotions can cause immense anxiety and suffering.

Don’t be alarmed by the nature of your self-talk, once you become aware of it, you can identify where change is needed. Find out how to use your mind to change your life.

5) It’s More Important To Stay True to You, Even If It Doesn’t Benefit “Them”

If you are always concerned about how others perceive you then you’ll have a hard time staying true to yourself. The fear of not being liked will always override your own needs…

Sometimes you have to put yourself first, especially when it comes to being your true self! You are not here to be a representation of others’ opinions; you are here to be you. Don’t waste your life ignoring your biggest calling, which is to be yourself.

There is no greater freedom and nothing more fulfilling than embracing every authentic aspect of what makes you who you are! The best thing about it all is that when you stop caring about what others think, and start being true to you, the right people will begin to show up in your life and they will love the true you!

Are you ready to accept yourself as you are?

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