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15 Pieces of Healing Advice for Women from Real Women - International Women's Day


International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women – a chance to reflect on the collective achievements that have been made.

It is also an opportunity to acknowledge one’s own individual journey, and share and gain wisdom from other women who have been there or are going through it.

To celebrate IWD, we asked a group of women to give healing advice to other women currently experiencing a difficult time.

Here are 15 pieces of powerful healing advice – filled with sisterhood, love, kindness and compassion – for women from women.

1. “Always be your true self – you are you” – Rebecca Coulter

2. “I’m on my breast cancer journey at the moment. It’s totally doable if you use my motto – take one day at a time and listen to your body. Rest when you need to” – Marcia Davey

3. “Don’t change for anyone” – April Place

4. “Take a good look at who you follow on social media and the content you are digesting elsewhere on the web. I’ve deleted all accounts that were making me feel inadequate and not good enough. Instead I’ve started following more inspiring people and quote pages, and listening to motivational speakers on YouTube. It has helped me feel a lot better about myself” – Lisa Rhodes

5. “True love is really learning to love yourself” – Lesley Stonier

6. “If you have no idea what to say when asked about your female role models, become that person for future young women to have someone they can admire.” – Nicole Russin-McFarland

7. “Be your own hero” – Becky Hawkes

8. “No matter what – always go with your gut” – Jo Spears

9. “Stay true to yourself and believe that you can do all things through Christ” – Stephanie Ware

10. “Put yourself first, never ever lose yourself and remember: you’re your own best friend so be kind to yourself” – Sukaina Benzakour

11. “You are a survivor” – Tina Russell

12. “Take time to be fully present. You have the power to make your life magical” – Leah Breaks

13. “If it is meant to be it will happen, just stay true to yourself, and don’t worry about what others think” – Suzie Newbold

14. “Love yourself first and everything will fall into place as it should”  – Kuulei Lokilani

15. “I admire women who have taken, or are taking, the journey to heal. It’s uncomfortable, painful and very messy at times. But what I’ve found is that delving into the deepest aspects of your being awakens something raw and beautiful in you that was always itching to be released” – Stephanie Dunleavy

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