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10 Affirmations to Attract Abundance


Here are 10 affirmations that will help you to attract abundance.  

1. “Prosperity flows into my life in abundance.” 

2. “I am aligned with the energy of abundance.” 

3. “Manifesting abundance comes naturally to me.”

4. “I already have everything I could possibly need.

5. “Prosperity is drawn to me.”

6. “Opportunities present themselves to me on a daily basis. 

7. “I am worthy of receiving abundance.”

8. “I am grateful and happy for all of the abundance that I experience every day.

9. “I am open and receptive to love, happiness and abundance.”

10. “I am a truly abundant being.

New to affirmations? Find out how to use them and pick up your free eBook here.

Which affirmation do you find most helpful?

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