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OUR AIM: everything we do is based around helping you grow by becoming more kind, loving and accepting of yourself, and others.

Soul Analyse is a hub for people who want to learn how to give themselves more love.

We began in 2015 with the aim of intruding with the negative way in which society tends to operate; we are programmed to believe that we are not good enough – we must be thinner, have better jobs, own better material items – and this does nothing for our self-esteem.

What we are not often told, is that we can love ourselves exactly as we are without needing to change a single thing. It’s our job to teach you how.

We remind you to love yourself by retraining your thoughts, so that your life can become enriched and you can gain belief in yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to.

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Launched by Soul Analyse in December 2016, the I AM Range is a collection of beautiful empowering affirmation bracelets that were designed to remind you of your worth.

Containing messages, such as “I AM Enough” “I AM Beautiful” and “I AM Me”, our bracelets help you create new positive self-beliefs. Affirmations work best when they are said with repetition; the I AM Range reminds you to say your affirmations every time you look down at your wrist.

We’ve had support from some very inspiring body positive activists, including Charli Howard, Sara Puhto and Kate Speer. Along with models Ana Tanaka and Sheridyn Fisher. All of whom believe in and wear the I AM Range and are featured in our LookBook.

View the I AM Range.


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