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Ten Affirmations For Building Your Own Worth and Improving Your Self-Image

Here are ten affirmations for building your own worth and improving your self-image.

1. “What others think of me matters little, what I feel about myself is enough.”

2. “I AM worthy of receiving my own love, and I offer it to myself in abundance.”

3. “I AM beautiful on the inside and out, and this is how I view myself.”

4. “I AM accepting of who I am in this present moment.”

5. “I deserve happiness in every form.”

6. “I look to myself for reassurance, I AM able to rely on myself for all of my needs.”

7. “I know who I AM, and I AM comfortable being me.”

8. “I AM unique in my own right – there is no other person exactly the same as me on this planet, and I celebrate this.”

9. “My self-talk is positive, uplifting and always makes me feel good.”

10. “I have the utmost respect for myself, and in turn, others respect me too.”

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Ten Affirmations For Building Your Own Worth And Improving Your Self-Image