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Out of The Greatest Despair Can Come The Greatest Gift

You may be facing one of the toughest times of your life at the moment, but what is to follow could be the greatest gift you ever receive, even if it doesn’t seem likely right now.

It’s easy to let life drift by without really considering if how we are living is right for us and in tune with our inner desires. Then something happens out of the blue, which causes us great despair and we have no choice but to evaluate our lives. As though through the eyes of someone else, we are given a rare opportunity to look at our lives and find out what needs to change.

It is not until we experience extreme pain, whether it’s physical pain, the pain of a loss, or pain in the mind, that we are offered a moment of self-realisation. Moments of despair are highly enlightening; along with self-realisation, we are also offered new-found inner strength. Instead of ignoring what needs to change, growth becomes our focus. Everything becomes clearer allowing us to see things for what they are, which gives us the power to change them.

Precious Moments of Self-Realisation

Life is a series of events, be it positive or negative, that are intended to create moments of self-realisation that lead us onto our destined path. Although what is happening right now might be painful, in the long run, these moments will improve your life enormously.

As Lao Tzu once put it, “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” – out of suffering comes the most precious opportunity to evaluate our lives and find out how we can shift things around so that the way we are living matches what we really want.

Closer to Your Destiny

Let’s be brutally honest, so many of us accept an average or below-average life; we accept average jobs, opportunities, lifestyles and, worst of all, we accept an average mindset. It is not until something huge happens and shakes our world that we stop to acknowledge that an average life is a choice.

Coming to the realisation that things need to change is one thing, but putting it into action is another; if you don’t act fast, your habits can slip back into old ways, and before you know it nothing has changed and once again you are back to living an average life until the next tragedy strikes.

It’s important to use the self-realisation you have gained to improve your life. Sometimes we have to make a really brave decision and worry about how it will work out afterwards.

Making that first decision is key to taking action. You’ll know if any decisions are right for you because they will feel good for your soul. We don’t always make choices to suit our soul but when we do, we experience great fulfillment because the soul is never wrong.

The mind, however, is another story. It will attempt to keep you living an average life – it will come up with excuses like, “it won’t work,” and will use logic like, “it’s safer this way,” to stop you from taking that first step towards change.

We are often at battle between mind and soul, and unfortunately the mind usually wins because it appears to make the most sense. With the soul, it’s always decision first, logic second. Unlike the mind, which uses logic to make decisions. Of course logic is very useful in some circumstances, but not when it comes to our destiny; logic will steer you away from your destined path, whereas irrational ideas will lead you right onto it.

The trick is to have faith and worry later!

Follow the Signs

Nothing lasts forever, loss is proof of this, don’t waste precious years living a life that wasn’t intended for you. Make the decision to get back onto your destined path, and use any pain and suffering to propel you further towards where you are meant to be, don’t use it as your excuse.

The Universe is constantly trying to divert us onto the path meant for us; we receive signs in the form of self-realisation, gut instincts and unlikely coincidences. The more we notice signs, the more they show up. When we are guided by the signs, and act upon them with urgency, we are led closer to our destiny, which, by the way, is not a destination but rather a journey. Sorry for the cliche, but it’s true, everything we experience is for a reason. Get in tune with your journey and allow yourself to be led wherever the signs take you.

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Out Of The Greatest Despair Can Come The Greatest Gift