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Make Gratitude your Focus this Week

Instead of focusing on what is missing from your life, this week you are going to highlight everything you have to be grateful for.

One of the quickest ways to bring prosperity into your life is to show gratitude, in doing so the universe will reward you. The universe works in a very simple way – it gives you more of what you are already giving out, so if you are showing gratitude you will have more to feel grateful about. When you ask the universe for more, you are implying that you currently have shortages in your life and might find this trend continues.

Everyone has many things they can show appreciation for – be thankful that you are on a path to a more positive life, be thankful that the universe works in your favour (if you allow it to), and be thankful for being alive.

This week’s focus on gratitude will be sure to add value to not only your life but the people around you, and we hope that the following three tips will stay with you, even after the week has ended.

  • Tip 1: Say “thank you” three times in the morning before starting your day – be thankful for the opportunity to enjoy another day
  • Tip 2: Each night before going to sleep make a list of at least two things you are grateful for
  • Tip 3: Offer at least one kind gesture everyday to a stranger (it could be holding a door open, paying for the next person’s coffee in a coffee shop, or giving money to a homeless person)

At the end of the week take a moment, or two, to reflect on everything in your life that you can show gratitude for; what you’ll probably find is that you have a tremendous amount to feel good about.

In ‘Living in the Now‘, we outline a simple tip for appreciating your surroundings. 

Do let us know how you get on.


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