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How to rest your Monkey Mind

Your monkey mind could be playing a lot of mischief in your life – find out what it is and how you can keep it at bay.

Monkey Mind?

Monkey mind is a Buddhist term, which means worry, stress, anxiety, restlessness, confusion, and all other negative thinking that causes mischief in our minds. The monkey mind is that voice that tells you to be fearsome, to worry about things that don’t need worrying about and, as a result, it causes panic, rage, depression and a whole load of other negative emotions. 

monkey mindIn addition to Buddhism, the metaphor is also used in Taoism; Taoism emphasizes living in harmony and one of the goals of a Taoist is to tame the monkey mind. (We talk about Taoism in ‘Remove the Excess in your life and be Happier.’Your life mimics your thoughts, so if you are constantly worrying, or thinking negative thoughts, you’ll experience a lot of negativity. 

Ever wonder when things will finally get better? They won’t if you don’t tame that monkey mind.

How to tame It

As explained in ‘Choose your Thoughts Carefully’, negative thinking is very harmful to your general wellbeing and happiness but it is possible to rest the monkey mind and the number one way to do this is to counteract it with positive thoughts.

Learn to watch your thoughts and stay alert for any negativity; when you encounter a negative thought, quickly swap it for something positive. This will result in increased positivity and fewer negative thoughts. Overtime, positive thinking will come naturally to you. 

If you’re wondering how you can change your thinking from positive to negative, and in the process rest the monkey mind, there are plenty of ways, here are a few:

Live, Breathe, Sleep Positivity

Cut negativity out of your life – surround yourself with positive people, don’t watch the news or participate in negative conversations and stop complaining. Within a couple of days you will begin to feel the benefits – it’s not possible to feel bad when you feel positive.

Pick out some of your favourite positive quotes, write them down and place them in prominent places around the home; this will remind you to stay positive even in the face of any negativity that comes your way.

It’s also possible to become more positive as you sleep. In fact, studies have shown that we can learn more during sleep and for years people have been listening to audiobooks and learning new skills in their sleep – foreign languages, sports and music, are to name a few.

But it seems the world is just waking up to the fact that sleep is also the perfect time to rest the monkey mind and experience self-growth. Listening to inspiring YouTube videos is a really effective way to do this; as you sleep, the words will permeate your consciousness and you’ll take in a lot more.

Here we list five YouTube videos that are tried and tested, and have the ability to significantly improve your levels of positivity. 

How have you tamed your monkey mind?

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