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Ten Positive Affirmations for Strength

These ten affirmations for strength will help pull you through difficult times. Say them in your head, or out loud, to experience full results – and, remember, repetition is key.

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1. I easily adapt to new and different changes

2. My mind, body and soul are constantly strengthening

3. Happiness flows into my life in abundance

4. Harmony surrounds all areas of my life

5. I am able to approach every scenario with a positive mindset

6. I am grateful for all experiences life brings

7. My life is full of love

8. I cope well in difficult situations

9. I am always evolving

10. I treat my body like a temple, only ever giving it goodness

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One thought on “Ten Positive Affirmations for Strength

  1. I love these! Number 5 is totally true so I think I’ll start reminding myself of that each day! Thanks for posting them! –Megan

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