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What are you Grateful for This Week?

The more positive we are, the more positivity surrounds us. Being positive means being grateful for the things we already have; it’s a simply theory – be grateful and you’ll have more to be thankful for. 

Be grateful that you’re taking steps to make your life more positive, be grateful for all of the opportunities that have appeared in your life and be thankful for everything that surrounds you. 

By showing gratitude, you are telling the universe that all of the positivity that comes your way is appreciated and you are grateful in receiving it.

As the week draws to an end, take a moment, or two, to reflect on the reasons you can show appreciation. What are you grateful for this week?


One thought on “What are you Grateful for This Week?

  1. I am grateful that my ill son has had 3 coneecutive ‘good’ days 🙂

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