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Spiritual Awareness at its Highest in the Morning

We are more spiritually aware in the morning but working and playing video games makes us feel less-connected – that’s according to research from the University of Connecticut.

The findings, which were extracted from the on-going SoulPulse study, also discovered that people were most spiritually aware when meditating, listening to music and reading.

SoulPulse is a mobile app that lets users monitor their levels of spirituality. Over a period of two weeks users are asked a set of questions twice a day relating to spirituality, such as their emotions, feeling thankful and what they are thinking of others, and this is said to determine how spiritual they are.

Researchers from the University of Connecticut analyzed a sample of 2,439 people in the US who took part in the surveys between November 2013 and May 2015.

“What surprised us is how much people vary in awareness of God across the day and across activities,” said Bradley R.E. Wright, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut and a co-author of the study. “There is a complex interplay between spiritual awareness and the situation. Sometimes the situation you are in affects your spiritual awareness. Other times your spiritual awareness affects the situation you’re in.”

Apparently the news also plays a part in our levels of spiritual awareness – the study found that those who watched the news had higher spiritual awareness than those who didn’t, however, the act of watching the news lowered awareness.

What do we think of the findings? SA believes that, while interesting, the results are more of a gimmick than fact. Monitoring how spiritual someone is by asking them questions for two weeks is not conclusive evidence. In addition, it’s unlikely that anyone who is deep into their spiritual path would rely on such an app to tell them how spiritual they are.






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