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You Were put on This Earth to do Something Incredible

Do you ever wonder what this wonderful thing called life is all about? Does your mind ever question, “what is the purpose of my life?”

Life’s for Living 

Your purpose in life is much more important than what you might think… You were not put on this earth to strive to be better than other people, or have the best material objects that money can buy. These things are only momentarily satisfying and the pleasure is always short-lived.

In addition, your life is not for enduring struggle and pain, and the reason you do suffer is because of your negative thoughts. They have the power to leave you feeling dissatisfied and as though your life is not worth living – if you choose to let them.

What your life is actually for is: living. Now there’s a word but what does it really mean, to live? When you enter a state of spiritual awakening, where your thoughts back down and you realise there is a depth to your life, it is possible for you to just ‘be’, and that is the meaning of living…

Shift in Consciousness

In this state of consciousness you will begin to appreciate the world around you, acknowledging beauty in everything. You will also become a spectator of your thoughts and will no longer believe that you are your thoughts. This is a very powerful stage of spiritual growth; it’s when you understand that you are in control of your thoughts and you have the power to think positively – through choice.

So, going back to the headline, what is this incredible thing that you were put on the earth to do? Well, it’s simple – you are here to ‘be’. To appreciate life in all its forms and feel good about living, realising that your mind is merely a tiny proportion of you.

You can live a hugely rewarding life, one that is filled with peace and love and beauty all around you. It’s easy – become alive and just be!


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    Delightful, and so worth while!

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