7 thoughts on “This Week’s Guest Affirmation: August 17th

  1. “It is always darkest, right before dawn!”

  2. Misty Geehan says:

    I am a child of God who deserves love and forgiveness for my past mistakes. Today I will be present in my pain.

  3. Keith Kehoe says:

    Your uniqueness will shine thru as long as your heart and mind are open ..

  4. Liza Brown says:

    I am a Light being that will shine an emerge through darkness

  5. Do spiritual exercises of eckankar and a Friday fast!

  6. For lo! Even in the dessert there is beauty

  7. Soul Analyse says:

    Well done Keith Kehoe your affirmation was chosen this week, please check the top of our Facebook page to view it! 🙂

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