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This Week’s Guest Affirmation: August 11th

Every Monday Soul Analyse will post a beautiful picture and we are giving you the opportunity to write an affirmation to accompany the image! This will be published on Facebook and also added to the blog. Post a comment with an affirmation you’d like to see under this post. The best one will be chosen and published on Friday, with your name included!

Please note, all affirmations must be unique and created by you.


7 thoughts on “This Week’s Guest Affirmation: August 11th

  1. geekkat says:

    Nice idea!!!! My affirmation for this one is: Through it all, I am still here

  2. Aws Adnan says:

    Hi there i love the pics that you post on your blog can plz give the source of your pics they are very inspiring. Here is an affirmation for you ” i am of life and truth and light, i am what i experciences not what happens to me. I am of tbe dimension love and compassion, i am the acceptance for all that IS

    1. soulanalyse says:

      Hello Aws, thank you for your kind words – we are delighted that you enjoy the pictures we post! Here you can find our pictures and many more, Great affirmation, btw! 🙂

      1. aws says:

        I am sorry they had some syntax errors but i wrote them in haste…i love your work

        1. soulanalyse says:

          That’s great to hear 🙂

  3. I’ve got an affirmation. “Sometimes, the greatest gifts are those which we do not intend to give, and that’s what makes them special. That’s what makes us as humans special.”

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