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How Positive Thinking can Change Your Life

We’re all at different stages in our spiritual journeys but one thing’s for certain – we all have a desire to bring more positivity into our lives.

The way we do this is through bettering ourselves.

Now when we say ‘better ourselves’ we’re not talking about buying new clothes, or getting a great new job. While those things can be enjoyable, the gratification is short-lived. To better yourself is to heal, to let go of negativity and to forgive.

Here are some of Soul Analyse’s tips on changing your life through positive thinking.

  1. Affirm, affirm, affirm

The theory behind positive affirmations is simple: we become what we think, therefore, saying, thinking and feeling positive affirmations – such as “I forgive myself and others”, will heal us and create positivity in our lives.

When you become aware of your thinking and exchange negative thoughts for positive ones, your life will most certainly improve.

Louise Hay offers great guidance on positive affirmations. Listening to one of her videos – like this – before bed is a powerful way to instill positivity into your life.

Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations will help the affirmations to work faster, as you will be saying and thinking them more frequently. Simply sticking some post-it notes around the house containing your favourite affirmations will work wonders!

  1. Live in the moment

Do you worry about yesterday, tomorrow, next week? Are you always worrying about the future or past? If so, when do you ever live?

If we are always worrying about another moment in time then we are wasting our lives. To put it simply – we are not living.

To live in the now is to embrace the present moment. This means blocking out any unwanted thoughts about yesterday or tomorrow.

Eckart Tolle is the master when it comes to the power of now. In fact, as I’m sure you already know that’s the name of his book, which is a life-changing read!

  1. Appreciate your surroundings

When we look at the world through a negative lens, we will feel bad and everything around us will match this.

However, when we appreciate our surroundings and find positivity in every situation, our lives can feel wonderful, and we feel content with our surroundings.

We suggest taking some time out now and again to visit a place that makes you feel good. Some people might find comfort in visiting a lake, others will appreciate visiting a beach. Be good to yourself and take time to surround yourself with the things that enhance your life.

This goes for people, too. Surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to do better and appreciate your successes, will make your life more fulfilling.

When you create a life of thinking positively, you can be sure that whatever is coming up in your life will be rewarding. Now that is an exciting notion!


How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life