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Change Your Thoughts and Your Life Will Change

May 8, 2017

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Norman Vincent Peale

There’s a reason why only 4% of the world’s population is in the top wealth bracket – they know how to use their mind!

Every successful person on this planet has followed the same process to get where they want, even Donald Trump. Did you know that he learnt to use his mind from a very young age? Trump was taught by best-selling author and ambassador of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. Whether you like him or not, Trump is a shining example of someone who has mastered his mind to get where he wants.

You too can change your thoughts, which in turn, will transform your life.

Our Thoughts Become Things

Everything we think finds its way into our lives in due course. How many times have you thought about someone you hadn’t seen in a while and then suddenly bumped into them? How many times have you had pure determination for something to work and gained the exact result you were after? And how many times have you had doubts about something and then it failed?

There are no coincidences; everything that is happening in your life is as a result of your thoughts. We cannot get complacent with this idea; it’s something we can spend our entire lives learning about and benefitting from.

You have to be determined to change your thoughts and you have to be curious to explore what else is out there for you. It’s unrealistic to think that reading a few positive quotes and self-help articles here-and-there will be enough to change your life, it requires dedication.

Energy flows where attention goes; so we must focus on what we do want, instead of placing our attention on what we don’t. Most people put energy into what they don’t want and that’s exactly what they end up with. When you place your words, thoughts, attention and energy on what you want to attract into your life, you can be certain that it will eventually show up.

Negativity Attracts Negativity

Most people tend to think in a way that is pessimistic and negative – soap operas, for example, are centred around pain, suffering and conflict, but are still consistently favoured by viewers. The reason? Negativity attracts negativity.

People whose minds are filled with negative thoughts are more comfortable with being surrounded by negativity, because it’s familiar to them and they can relate to it. But here is where the problem lies. To cut the cycle of negative thinking, you must remove yourself from anything that causes negative thoughts to enter your mind, whether it’s people, things or situations.

Instead, fill your life with positivity in every way possible – in your mind, with your relationships and in every other facet of your life. Just as negativity attracts negativity, positivity attracts positivity.

Above-Average Thinking

It’s easy to work out why wealth is distributed to only a small minority and it’s easy to explain why so few people fulfil their deepest dreams and desires – the majority of people are negative.

We are conditioned from a young age to be self-critical; teachers tell us we are wrong, parents set rules that we are bound to break, and peers create norms that we are expected to adhere to. We become used to being self-critical when we don’t meet others’ expectations, and this lasts into adult life.

Self-critical thinking, when it happens over a period of time, can become deep-rooted in our belief system and limit how far we push ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to become.

In order to live a more-than-average life, you have to stop thinking in an average way. You cannot expect your life to be different from everybody else if you think like everybody else. Put yourself into the minority category of people who are using their thoughts to create above-average lives.

You can change your life using your thoughts but you must begin with a willing mindset. Read this post to find out how to use your mind to create your ideal life. Or you might like to find out Why Positive Thinking Isn’t Working for You.

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