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10 “I AM” Affirmations for Increasing Your Self-Worth

Here are ten I AM affirmations that will help increase your self-worth and make you feel more beautiful. 


1. “I am beautiful.”

2. “I am worthy of loving myself.”

3. “I am a unique being and I celebrate my individuality.”  

4. “I am thankful for all of my efforts.” 

5. “I am confident in my own ability to succeed in anything I set out to achieve.”

6. “I am worthy of being loved by someone who appreciates me for who I am.”

7. “I am always making good choices that impact me in a positive way.”

8. “I am grateful for all of my qualities, and I recognise my qualities every day.”

9. “I am beautiful because I am different.”

10. “I am constantly evolving and becoming more fulfilled by life.”

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